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"If thou wouldst learn thy future with thy tea,

This magic cup will show it thee."

Some readers may find an additional interest in divination by

tea-leaves, if they use a cup marked with the planetary symbols,

patented as the "Nelros Cup of Fortune." A short explanation of the

symbols, and the method of using this cup, will be helpful for those who

are not familiar with its signs. I am no
suggesting the use of the

"Nelros" saucer, for the reason that its signs are somewhat obscure, and

students who have no experience in the science of astrology would find

it confusing, if used in addition to the cup, in which all needful signs

are illustrated.

As in the case of the ordinary tea-cup, the handle remains as the

representative of the consultant. The turning of it and draining of the

moisture should be carried out in the usual way.

Immediately under the handle, and above the space given to the Sun, are

seen a Diamond and a Horseshoe. Next on the left are a Snake twisted

round a stick, and a Spade, these being placed over the space given to


Following them are a Bell and a Club, seen over the sign of Venus. Next,

an Eye and Envelope, above the space given to Jupiter.

Then comes a Cross, with the sign of Pisces, the Fishes, these being

over the sign of Mercury.

Next are a Winecup and a Spider above the space of Mars.

Followed by a Cat's Head and a Heart, above the Moon.

Each one of these signs round the brim has a symbolic meaning, though

their meaning must also be judged by the position they occupy in the


Now, taking the signs round the brim of the cup, and connecting them

with the planetary symbols beneath.

Beginning at the handle is a Diamond, this being a token of wealth,

which, with the sign of the Sun below, indicates much prosperity,

favours, and general well-being, the Horseshoe over the Sun also

betokening good luck and successful projects.

In the next space, reading to the left, is the Snake twisted round a

stick, over the sign of Saturn. This is emblematical of a risk of

poverty coming through deceit, and with a Spade over Saturn, whose

characteristic is privation, there is a further indication of toil,

loss, undoing.

The next sign is a happier one; the Bell over the sign of Venus, with

the Club beyond, indicates joyful news, events meaning much happiness,

love and peace, the characteristic of Venus being peace or placidity.

Next is the sign of Jupiter, whose characteristic is expansion; above it

are placed an Eye and an Envelope, the Eye showing the power of

penetration, seeing things in a right perspective, and light thrown on

difficult questions, the letter showing that news from all parts of the

world is made possible by its expansion.

Next come the Latin Cross and the watery sign Pisces, the Fishes. These

being in connection with Mercury, whose characteristic is activity, show

much alertness and desire for knowledge; the Cross meaning obstacles and

hindrances in the chosen path, whilst the sign of Pisces denotes

interesting news from distant lands, with much desire for travel and


In the next space the Winecup and Spider, in connection with the sign of

Mars, the characteristic of Mars being energy, show the strength,

courage, and perseverance needed to carry out a successful career; the

Spider being a symbol of concentration, patience, and achievement,

whilst the Wine-cup tells of joy and realised ambition.

Following these signs are the Cat's Head and the Heart, with the

Crescent Moon below. The characteristic of the Moon is change, mobility;

it is also a symbol of good fortune in the tea-leaves. In combination

with the Heart it indicates a romantic love affair. The Cat's Head shows

interference by those who are mean and spiteful.

Having learned from this brief explanation the symbols of the "Nelros

Cup," the reading of the tea-leaves in relation to those symbols will be

easy. For instance, suppose the wife of a sailor to be the consultant.

Her husband is on his ship in the North Sea, and she is eagerly awaiting

news of him. In the cup she has "turned," the symbol of a letter comes

in the watery sign [Symbol: )-(] with a large ivy leaf beneath it.

Further patience will be necessary, the ivy leaf tells us, as the

wished-for letter is still far away. The distance from the handle (the

consultant) shows this, also the letter symbol being in the watery sign

indicates the fact that it will come from across the sea. The waiting

for the news causes a feeling of disappointment and sadness; these will

vanish later on, and the waiting be compensated by the happy news that

will come in the longed-for letter. This is seen by the tea-leaves which

appear on other symbols of the cup.

The form of a man is seen between the signs of the Bell and Club; near

this form is the letter "A," the first letter of the consultant's name.

Round this initial letter is a well-formed circle; a trident lies at a

little distance from it.

Here is evidence of the joyful news coming from her husband, the

tea-leaves in the spaces of the Bell and Club making a prediction of the

satisfactory news a safe one. The circle round the letter "A" and the

symbol of the trident near, enable the seer to prophesy a good

promotion, much success and happiness.

This example reading of the "Nelros" cup is a fortunate one. We will now

consider one of a less satisfactory character.

The consultant is a widow; opposite the handle of the cup she has

"turned" is the Envelope over Jupiter, upon the Envelope tea-leaves

forming an Owl are seen, beneath is a small arrow pointing towards the

handle. These signs foretell bad news probably coming from a far

country; the sign of Jupiter and distance from the handle (the

consultant) would show this. The symbol of the Owl indicates the anxiety

caused by the arrival of the letter and its news. The arrow pointing

towards the handle would show that the matter is personal, and will much

affect the consultant.

Upon the sign of Saturn, with an arm stretched towards the Spade above

it, is the figure of a man. The characteristic of Saturn being

privation, and the Spade being a symbol of toil, it is evident that the

figure of the man represents someone related to the consultant for whom

the present prospects are very bad. It may well be this man from whom is

coming the news in the letter which will cause her so much anxiety.

Fortunately, on the Anchor at the bottom of the cup is a well-formed

key. Being in this position, it shows that someone at a distance, having

the welfare of the consultant much in their mind, will be the means in

the future of helping her out of the difficulties. The key being on the

Anchor indicates the security she may feel in the friends, who will be

instrumental in giving her happiness and peace of mind.

These two example divinations will illustrate the manner in which the

tea-leaves are read in relation to the signs upon the cup. To some it

may appear an easier means than that of the ordinary tea-cup.

In any case it is very useful to have an alternative method of

foretelling the future. Variety is always acceptable, and for this

reason I commend the "Nelros Cup of Fortune" to my readers.