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This is a fortunate horoscope. If cup has been turned by a man it shows

that he will gain success, honour, and wealth in the profession of a

naval officer. If by a woman then her luck is bound up with that of a

sailor or marine.

The pistols on the sides show the profession of arms, and the naval gun

in the bottom of the cup accompanied by a trident the branch to which he

belongs. The on one side and the t
ee on the other are two of the best

signs of promotion, rewards, and prosperity. The house near the pistol

pointing towards the handle of the cup indicates the acquisition of

property, but as neither tree nor house are surrounded by dots this will

be a town, not a country, residence. The repetition of the initial 'L'

may show the name of the admiral, ship, or battle in which the officer

will win renown. The triangles confirm the other signs of good fortune.

_Principal Symbols_:--

Two pistols on sides.

A cannon in conjunction with a trident in centre.

A pear.

A tree.

on sides.

A house.

A pair of compasses near the rim.

Several small triangles scattered about. Initial letters 'L'

(twice), 'N,' and 'V' (twice).