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The two horse-shoes indicate a lucky journey to some large residence

in a north-easterly direction, the tree surmounting which denotes that

happiness and fortune will be found there and that (as it is surrounded

by dots) it is situated in the country. The sitting hen in the bottom

of the cup, surmounted by a triangle (to see which properly the

illustration must be turned round) is indicative of increased wealth by

an unexpected legacy. A letter from someone whose name begins with

'T' will contain a remittance of money, but it may not arrive for some

little time.

_Principal Symbols_:--

Large horse-shoe, edge of bottom, in conjunction with

smaller horse-shoe.

Line of dots leading E.N.E. to

Large building surmounted by

Tree, overlapping rim.


Small triangles.

Initial 'T' with letter and money signs.