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on Our English Poetry And This Poem Upon Tea

See Spanish Curderon in Strength outdone:

And see the Prize of Wit from Tasso won:

See Corneil's Skill and Decency Refin'd;

See Rapin's Art, and Molier's Fire Outshin'd;

See Dryden's Lamp to our admiring View,

Brought from the Tomb to shine and Blaze anew!

The British Laurel by old Chaucer worn,

Still Fresh and Gay, did Dryden's Brow Adorn;

And that its Lustre may not fade on Thine,

Wit, Fancy, Judgment, Taste, in thee combine.

Thy pow'rful Genius thus, from Censure's Frown

And Envy's Blast, in Flourishing Renown,

Supports our British Muses Verdant Crown.

Nor only takes a Trusty Laureat's Care,

Lest Thou the Muses Garland might'st impair;

But, more Enrich'd, the Chaplet to Bequeath,

With Eastern Tea join'd to the Laurel-Wreath.

--R. B.