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Bohea . . . Happy Establishment
So called after two ranges of hills, Fu-Kien or Fo-Kien
Congou . . . Labor
Named so at Amoy from the labor in preparing it.
Sou chong . . . Small Kind
Hyson . . . Flourishing Spring
Pe-koe . . . White Hair
So called because only the youngest leaves are gathered,
which still have the delicate down--white hair--on
the surface.
Pou-chong . . . Folded Tea
So called at Canton after the manner of picking it.

Brick Tea--prepared in Central China from the commonest sorts
of tea, by soaking the tea refuse, such as broken leaves,
twigs, and dust, in boiling water and then pressing them into
moulds. Used in Siberia and Mongolia, where it also serves
as a medium of exchange. The Mongols place the bricks,
when testing the quality, on the head, and try to pull
downward over the eyes. They reject the brick as worthless
if it breaks or bends.

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