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This tea-cup appears to give warning by the flag in conjunction with
a rifle and the letter 'V' that some friend of the consultant will be
wounded in battle, and as there is a coffin in the bottom of the cup
that the wounds will be fatal. On the other side, however, a sceptre,
surrounded by signs of honours, seems to indicate that 'V' will be
recognized by his sovereign and a decoration bestowed upon him
for bravery in battle, shown by the initial 'K' accompanied by a
letter-sign, and by the astrological sign of Mars, intervening between
these and the sceptre.

_Principal Symbols_:--

Coffin in bottom, in conjunction with 'V.'
Flag in conjunction with rifle on side.
Sceptre on side.
Large initial 'K' with letter sign near sceptre.
Astrological sign of Mars between them.
Initial 'V' near flag and rifle.



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